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“I must say, in all my days of dealing with "nominee" positions such as yours (twelve years now), I have never seen a more efficient operation than yours.”
- David, California

U.S. Tax Exempt (International Business/Holdings) LLC  

(NON U.S. Citizens ONLY - International Business/Holdings Only)

This package is extremely popular with our International Clients looking to conduct business OUTSIDE of the United States while using a United States (Nevada) Limited Liability Company.

It is perfectly legal, and fully compliant with United States Tax Code, to conduct business within a Nevada Limited Liability Company while paying ZERO U.S. Income Taxes!

There are only a couple of rules:
  • The Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) can have only one Member (owner)
  • The Member may not be a U.S. Citizen or Resident
  • The Nevada LLC may NOT conduct Business in the U.S.
The Nevada Limited Liability Company is structured as a disregarded entity for U.S. Tax purposes, so the LLC has NO U.S.Income Tax Filing requirement. As long as the LLC conducts NO U.S. Business, then the LLC member also has NO U.S. Income tax Filing requirement.
**Effective Jan 1, 2017, in a effort for greater transparency by LLCs owned 100% by foreign persons, the LLC is now required to file form 5472 to list "reportable transactions" between the LLC and the foreign member. Currently there is no way to file form 5472 without attaching it to an income tax return, but this is expected to change so that in early 2018 Foreign Owned Disregarded Entities will be able to comply with this "transaction reporting" without having to file an income tax return".

An LLC structured in this way is not considered a U.S. Person for income tax purposes, however, the LLC is considered to be a U.S. Person for offshore Bank account reporting purposes. Unfortunately, the LLC will be required to report any overseas account it opens to FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). These requirements can be seen here.

Even though your Nevada LLC MUST NOT conduct business in the United States, most of our clients require a U.S. address for administrative purposes, and where better than Lake Tahoe, Nevada? The Offshore (Non-U.S.) Nominee Manager Service eliminates your name from public record and allows you to conduct your International Business privately.

By packaging and automating services rather than providing countless "custom" services, we have been able to provide a comprehensive yet inexpensive package that is unmatched in the industry. This package includes a comprehensive list of services, with no setup fee or contract and INCLUDES ALL STATE FILING FEES SO THERE ARE NO SURPRISES!

Within hours of receiving your order, documents are transmitted electronically to the Secretary of State. The State files these documents usually within 4 hours and your new Corporation or LLC is created.

Package Includes:

  • ALL STATE FILING FEES (including 2nd Tier filings) due the first year:
  • Incorporation Articles filed with State ($75.00 value) description
  • State Required "Initial Officers/Managers List" Filing Fee (US$150.00) description
  • State Required Business Registration Tax Application (US$200.00) description
  • Custom Records Preparation including Operating Agreement (FREE $1000.00 value)
  • Apostilled Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement
  • Apostilled Power of Attorney giving signature authority to client
  • UPS/FedEx International Shipping of Corporate Package

Price: $1850.00

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