Private Telephone Line & Directory Listing  

Establishing a Nevada Business Telephone Line is probably one of the most important parts of establishing your Private Nevada Corporate Office. This service provides your Nevada Company significant "presence" here and is what is "expected" of any Nevada Business.

Upon request, we coordinate the installation of your Private Corporate Telephone line with a 775 area code from a local telephone service provider in lake tahoe. All calls are then forwarded to the location of your choice (within USA). There are no forwarding charges except for Long Distance Charges. The 775 telephone number and Lake Tahoe physical address of your Nevada Corporation or LLC will be listed with The monthly cost with AT&T is approximately US$20.00 a month. There is a one time set up fee of approximately US$75.00 that will appear on your telephone bill.

As an alternative we can establish an 800 number in the name of your company. All calls will then be answered at the location of your choice (within USA). The monthly cost with Qwest is approximately US$5.00 a month (plus long distance charges). Upon request, the 800 number can be listed in the name of your Nevada Corporation or LLC in the 800 directory ($35.00 setup charge). Addresses cannot be listed in the 800 directory.